Some Questions we have received about casting calls:

When I audition, will I be considered for future projects?

Yes, we like to have a good relationship with actors/actresses.  Any future projects, we look at past talent if we can.

I'm not the age you put for the role I want to try out for, do I have to be that age?

No, these are the ages for appearance only.  Let's face it, how many 16 year olds in movies actually look 16?  They are usually 21 or older playing someone who is supposed to be 16.  Try out anyway, you never know what you may be cast for.

What should I do to prepare for the audition?

HEADSHOTS - Bring at lease 2 to any audition you attend. If you do not have professional headshots-bring some kind of recent picture. When going over the applications, it's good to have a face with the name. 
DRESS THE PART - we like to see actors that come in dressed for a part . If you want to try out for a high school age girl-dress and act like a high school girl.  If you are trying out for a rock star-pull out the spandex pants and tease the hair.  If your role requires an accent, come in speaking that accent-do not break 'charactor' until you have finished reading (this is a great surprise).  It really helps the  director picture you in the role.

I have no experience, can I still come and audition?

Yes!  We actually like discovering talent.  We like established talent.  We like anyone who can truly play the part!  But be honest, don't get caught up in the moment and say you can do something you can't.  If you can not get off work for the shooting dates, say so.  If you don't have reliable transportation, don't say you do.  Just tell us your conflicts and if you are the best for the role-we will work with you.  Also, if you have ever wanted to be in a movie...try out!  Come to the audition-even if you don't think you fit any of the roles; we always have parts for extras or even parts that get written in later.  You never know, until you try.

Advise on coming to an audition:

Do not complain about the sides!  These are usually small segments of the script, pulled to see how you do them.  They most likely will not make sense.  Chances are they are not even for your part.  Also, DO NOT say you won't do a part that has foul language!  Just do the reading and substitute the language with something else that still gets the point across!  Do not tell the casting people you are doing this, they might not even notice and it could be the best reading of the day.  However, if asked why you changed the words-you can tell them you don't swear.   At least this way you can do your reading with out any strikes against you.

If a role calls for something out of the ordinary, such as: Nudity, Language, Violence, Dark Disturbing Behavior, etc.  DO NOT say you have no problem with it and then change your mind on set!  (the questionnaires usually pertain to YOU, not the general movie).  If you have ANY reservations, best not to pledge then pledge too much.  Also, if you have any questions, ask! (Again, the questionnaires usually pertain to YOU, not the general movie).

Be on time!!  Casting calls usually run for a few hours.  Do not come at the last minute!  The people running the casting are tired by this time, and having to wait for someone really sucks! (there was no other way to phrase that).  It's one thing to go over because you have people waiting for their turn, but someone who walks in at the last minute...that usually is a sign of things to come.

Do not take the questions asked to you too personally.  We usually have a questionnaire at our castings asking basic questions.  If we ask you questions specifically-that usually means you have impressed us somehow, and we want to get a more in depth idea of where we could use you.

-We are laid back movie makers, but we ARE professional!  We will always try to make the best product we can, and we need good talent to do so!  So if a question is asked of you, please answer the best you can.  If you are asked to do something in the audition, it is because we are committed to our product and do not want any surprises later.  You always have the choice to say no to anything, this may or may not affect you getting the role.  It does not make sense to cast someone who won't swear, as a character with a foul mouth.  Or cast someone who won't be violent as a killer.  You see our point.