Laugh-at-the-Law Productions is a distribution company. Laugh-at-the-Law was founded in 2006 as the production company for the feature motion picture "Aquarius Rising". Now it has evolved into an umbrella company for smaller production companies.

In addition to distribution. we offer services of location scouting and securing, producing, DVD authorizing, DVD duplication, editing, casting, & behind the scenes documentation. As a small distribution company we can help in worldwide distribution, resources and promotion.

Laugh-at-the-Law (and therefore companies we distribute for) has a broader presence at various conventions and festivals. The more companies that join, the more movies that can be brought to distributing outlets; therefore, the more likely your movie will get noticed.

Laugh-at-the-Law has a vast 'casting pool'- actors that the various directors or producers have worked with and can recommend.  Along with actors, we are developing pools for all services: camera & crew.

If your company is interested in joining Laugh-at-the-Law Productions, or if you have services to offer- contact us today!